Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Do No Harm - Pararescueman #militaryrom

....Tightening his grasp on her arms, he moved her backward until she bumped against the shower wall. Leaning down, he took up his sensual assault on her mouth again. Damn, the man could kiss!
....He moved from her mouth, his breath hot on her cheek. “Tell me now.” He traced the shell of her ear with his tongue. “If you don’t….” His tongue teased her earlobe while his hand cupped her breast. “Want this….” He rolled the nipple between his finger and thumb, eliciting delicious fiery shocks throughout her body. “Say so.”

Do No Harm
L.J. Garland & Debbie Gould

....Air Force Pararescuman, Junior Lieutenant Kyle “Raven” Alvarez has seen it all. After three years as the team’s medic, he’s been up to his elbows patching back together the worst humanity has to offer, overseas and stateside. So, when his team mates set him up for a date through Madam Eve’s 1Night Stand service, he jumps at the chance. But under no circumstances will he end up like Colin, Bobby, and Zeke...with a ring on his finger and a lifelong commitment. Just one night of hot, sweaty no-strings-attached sex, and he’ll be good to go. Besides, Madam Eve found three perfect matches already. He’s in the clear, right?
....Dr. Melissa Anne Carter has dedicated her life to saving people. Especially the innocent victims of rampant gang violence that come through her Emergency Department. Then out of the blue, her long-forgotten application to 1Night Stand is answered. Madam Eve has found her perfect match. Maybe a night in the arms of a man who can make her body sing will help her forget all the horror she’s witnessed and lives she couldn’t save. At least for a little while.
....But destruction at the hands of a madman has never hit so close to home, becoming more personal than ever. And when a man with a penchant for explosives vows revenge by abducting Melissa, the oath she took to Do No Harm takes on new meaning. Can Kyle and his team save the good doctor before the timer runs out—literally?