Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hearts Afire - Kindle Worlds

Dallas Fire & Rescue: Hearts Afire
Kindle Worlds Novella
MacKay Destiny Book 3 Kindle Edition

by L.J. Garland
Fire is in his blood…When a single moment almost destroys firefighter Aiden MacKay’s world, he’s forced to reevaluate
his life. A shattered leg leaves him unable to do the job he always believed he would—fighting fires and rescuing lives. A broken heart has him swearing off women for over a year. But when he runs into his high school best friend, he questions his resolution. So much has changed during their years apart—he’s not the same guy she knew back then. Does he dare tell her how much he wants her now?

She’s seen more than she should…
When Jessica Parker returns to her hometown, she expects a quick visit then to hop on a plane and fly back to Tampa. But things definitely don’t go as planned, and she unwittingly finds herself caught in a tangled web of deceit and danger. Scared and on the run, she’s surprised when she bumps into someone she used to know. Aiden MacKay—the guy in high school who stole her heart.

Can they survive?
A madman hunts Jessica, intending to use a single match to keep her quiet…forever. And though Aiden vows to keep her safe, his own dark secrets just might stop him. Together, they must find a way to trust one another and confess the truth before it’s too late. The only thing they know for sure is being together again sets their Hearts Afire.

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