Thursday, December 8, 2016

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Dead or Alive

She's a bounty hunter.

He's on the Most Wanted list.

What will she do when she catches her man....

Shoot him or kiss him?

Rhykar Evierse has been on the Most Wanted list for years. His attempts to expose the evil deeds of Vast Innovations’ founder, Mertan Graiton, has landed him on the wrong end of the law—and on the wrong end of a sexy bounty hunter’s pistol. Now, Rhykar’s wanted for a murder he didn’t commit. Desperate to clear his name, he contacts the one woman who can save him. He hopes she’ll give him one night to prove himself.

When Selea Val’keer receives Rhykar’s call for help, anger and lust rip through her. How can she be attracted to a criminal? Unable to resist, she accepts his invitation to meet through Madame Evangeline’s 1Night Stand service. But what will she do when she sees him again—kiss him or shoot him?

"....LJ Garland has created a fast-paced story with likable characters whose connection is intense and sexy which leads to one heckuva fun ride...."

"This story is packed with a little bit of everything: action, suspense, intrigue, romance, fantasy and sex."

"If you like a little lust, action, and and a short story with a good plot, then pick this book up."

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